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6 Reasons to Jump into a Cold Shower


September 18, 2012

by ShannonImage

Image via happinessis.com

I did something today that I can honestly say I have never done before, and never wanted to do before. Today I took a cold shower, by choice, and loved it!

Sure, I have turned the knob to cold to rinse out my conditioner or make the water a little cooler during the hot, summer months. Today, I had zero hot water! My shower was 100% cold, 100% of the time and it was so invigorating.

Let me give you the back-story. It is bloody hot right now where I am living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although it’s officially Spring, so it really shouldn’t be that hot, today’s high temperature is between 32 and 36 Celsius (90 to 97 Fahrenheit). That’s borderline insane hot even for a good ol’ Kansas girl.  

Before I realized the temperature today, I decided a run/walk/workout at the park session was long overdue. I left the house slightly later than usual (10:30am) and by the time I returned, I was beyond hot. My cherry red face and hot skin were sizzling. My boyfriend enjoys cold showers and I typically call him crazy, but today I decided to be adventurous and try a cold shower for myself.

Since we use gas for our showers, I just left the gas container switch turned to off and jumped in the shower. Wow, the water felt great and was so refreshing. This shower was admittedly quicker than my usual shower, so I guess I was saving water too! Afterwards I felt a serious endorphin rush, my skin and hair felt great, I felt alive for finally experimenting with a cold shower and I had literally cooled off from the outside workout.

So what do I do? Of course, I start looking online for the benefits of a cold shower. And I was fascinated! I’ll share a few of the best benefits I found.

1.       Strengthens Immune System – Research shows that people who regularly take cold showers have an increased level of virus fighting white blood cells compared to people who only take hot showers.

2.       Keeps Skin and Hair Healthy – Hot water dries out your skin and hair leaving them looking dry and dull. When you shower with cold water, your hair is naturally shinier and you skin is smoother.

3.       Increases Energy and Well-being – Not only does a cold shower leave you feeling energized and ready to take on the day, one study shows that cold showers may actually alleviate mild depression by activating a naturally occurring chemical in our brains called noradrenaline.

4.       Improves Circulation – Increasing circulation helps flush out toxins throughout the body and is good for people like me that tend to have cold hands and feet even in warmer temperatures.

5.       Weight Loss – Cold showers stimulate the production of brown fat cells (as opposed the most common white or yellow fat cells). You want brown fat cells because they are lost as you age and they are the ones that increase metabolism. Increased metabolism = weight loss!

6.       Builds Courage and Will Power – Yes, it takes some mad courage to stay in a cold-water shower. At first, it’s easy if you were outside in the heat or exercising, but trust me, the water does start to get cold! By sticking with the discomfort of a cold shower (unless you are feeling faint or very sick – remember always listen to your body) you are strengthening habits of courage and will power. Those habits will help you in all areas of your life.

Are you convinced it’s time to take a cold shower tomorrow or do you already take them often? While I won’t be taking one every day, I will be taking cold showers more often. Once you feel the benefits yourself, I bet you will too!



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